Information Technology ( IT ) has been the driving force for Indian Economy over last decade. Moving forward, Government has proposed "Digital India"– a programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, with the aim of creating a "Connected Knowledge Economy". This has set the ball rolling for enormous job creation in Digital field.

Keeping current shortage of employable workforce in mind and industry domains practical knowledge, NSDM, part of “Nexzenpro Digital Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” A digital media agency has embarked upon the journey of training employable workforce to contribute to “Growing & Empowered India” of the future..

Nexzenpro is a strategic and creative company for frugal, expeditious, turnkey communication solutions. A digital media service provider company, composed of internet Ad network, Social Media and Online Reputation Management (ORM), is supported by a very resourceful, energized and highly skilled development and creative team. Having set a strong foot hold in the Ad Network space, the Company has now entered into the field of Ad Agency, Web & Software Development and even publishing in the niche space. We are one of the fastest growing 360° digital media marketing platform in India. Nexzenpro has the expertise of working with a large client base across every category, globally.

Our Digital Media Planning approach is based on audience insights and brand needs. By ensuring rigorous qualification of our content partners we ensure that brands are comfortable that their message is delivered to high quality, engaged, and relevant users. Nexzenpro is now the new face in the new generation Ad World. Truly, "Redefining the Fundamentals"

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